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Cannabis Store Proposed for Old Site of Roseland Charter

This afternoon, the Santa Rosa Planning Commission will consider a cannabis growing, manufacturing and retail distribution facility at the former … Read More

Pilot in balloon crash was intoxicated, FAA says

National “Nicholas Meleski obviously didn’t take into consideration all of the people whose lives he destroyed due to his drug … Read More

Canadian retail cannabis sales set record, shares rise

Shares of Canadian cannabis companies rose on Thursday after Statistics Canada reported record sales in July. New Cannabis Ventures reported … Read More

Social Equity Programs Coming to Local Cannabis

A billboard advertising a Kearny Mesa dispensary / Image vis Shutterstock Before cannabis became legal for adult use in California, … Read More

7 Cannabis Stocks Ready to Light up the Market This Fall

Several regulatory updates in the United States of late have proven to be quite beneficial for the marijuana industry. Senate … Read More

NOVA Investigates the Story of Cannabis in the U.S. with “The Cannabis Question” – September 29 at 9 pm

NOVA Investigates the Story of Cannabis in the U.S. with “The Cannabis Question” – September 29 at 9 pm Posted … Read More

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Can CBD help with DOMS? DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – and anyone who has ever done strenuous … Read More

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What is Delta-8 & its Benefits

What is Delta-8? Delta-8 is a cannabis ingredient that has gained popularity due to its THC-like properties. Delta-8-THC is a … Read More

Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain Review

Pink Lemonade cannabis strain is a hybrid that contains 20% cannabis indica and 80% cannabis sativa. It has THC concentrations have … Read More

Medical Marijuana Card Online

Depending on what state you live, you might be able to obtain a medical marijuana card online quickly and easily. In … Read More

Growing Medical Marijuana Indoors

When growing medical marijuana indoors, there are a few things to keep in mind. But how do you get started … Read More

Snowcap Cannabis Strain Review

Snowcap cannabis strain is a hybrid that is 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa, with a THC content of … Read More

Comparing Hemp Flowers and Cannabis Flowers

When comparing hemp flowers to cannabis flowers brings up several points. CBD is used by people who want a natural, … Read More

What is CBN and its Benefits

What is CBN and its potential benefits? CBN, like THC and CBD, has some important medicinal properties that might make … Read More