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In Ecuador, a young company sees cannabis as raw material of the future

By Fernando Arroyo Leon Quito, Jul 24 (EFE).- In Ecuador a year ago, company CannAndes began the challenge of generating … Read More

PNP destroys two marijuana farms in Davao del Sur

(Eagle News) — Authorities destroyed 15,000 fully-grown marijuana plants worth P3 million in Davao del Sur on Saturday, July 25. … Read More

In El Monte, a close friendship shatters over cannabis vote, surgery payment

One was a lobbyist and the other was a City Council member, but they also were best buddies who thought … Read More

MSN Polling: America’s most and least marijuana-friendly states |

With medical marijuana now legal in 29 states plus Washington D.C., and eight allowing recreational usage, the conflict between state … Read More

Governor Northam announces appointments to three cannabis oversight boards

Gov. Ralph Northam has announced appointments to the three newly created boards responsible for overseeing the legalization of recreational marijuana … Read More

Authorities No Longer Seizing Under Three Ounces Of Marijuana At New York Airports

Small amounts of marijuana found on passengers in New York’s airports are no longer being seized by local authorities, four … Read More

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