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It looks like a Christmas tree farm, but it’s 10-foot tall marijuana

The plants are tall. Massive. Behemoth. Row after row of the leafy greens will reach 8 to 14 feet by … Read More

Another residential building catches fire in Johannesburg CBD

Another building in Johannesburg has caught fire, this time in Hillbrow. The incident happened on Saturday, 23 September. ANOTHER BUILDING … Read More

Arkansas’ medical marijuana sales still strong despite Missouri’s legalization of recreational marijuana

This Sept. 15, 2015 file photo shows marijuana plants a few weeks away from harvest in a medical marijuana cultivation … Read More

Chuck Edwards’ fearmongering on Cherokee marijuana plan

Once again, Rep. Chuck Edwards decided use his privilege as a middle-class, white man for evil, targeting the Eastern Band … Read More

Police in Berbice find 3,845 grammes marijuana

Police on mobile patrol duty in Regional Division #6, acting on information, went to a fisherman’s residence at Sheet Anchor, … Read More

Area legislators comment on potential legalization of recreational marijuana

We asked members of the region’s state legislative delegation to tell us where they stand on potential legalization of adult-use … Read More

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