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Lavender Coffee Boutique Opens in Denver Offering CBD-Infused Products

When Lindsey Sozio first tried cannabidiol [CBD]-infused coffee, she felt the benefits of caffeine — increased clarity, improved focus and mood — without the jittery … Read More

Police arrest man in Beloit crack cocaine, Fentanyl, marijuana bust

BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — Beloit Police have arrested Donta Evans-Pounds, 30, after a search of a house on Middle Street yielded a cache of illegal … Read More

Pedestrian safety behind CBD slowdown for Orange

Pedestrian safety behind CBD slowdown for Orange Original Author Link click here to read complete story.. … Read More

New bill by Republican lawmaker would change Ohio’s marijuana law

The race is on to alter Ohio’s marijuana law before it goes into effect Thursday.  Rep. Gary Click, R-Vickery, recently introduced House Bill 341 — … Read More

Joburg taxpayers will have to pay for CBD blast repairs after govt rejects disaster declaration

National government has denied the City of Johannesburg’s request to apply for a local state of disaster after the Lilian Ngoyi Street explosion. PHOTO: Alfonso … Read More

Lawmakers still plan changes before Issue 2’s recreational marijuana law takes effect next week

The state’s new recreational marijuana passed by nearly 57% of Ohio voters takes effect next Thursday. Republican lawmakers have said they want to tweak the … Read More

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