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Attorney general signs off again on ballot language for a proposed constitutional amendment to expand medical marijuana access | The Arkansas Democrat…

Advertisement Advertisement February 29, 2024 at 7:17 p.m. by Neal Earley Attorney General Tim Griffin addresses members of the media at the Arkansas state Capitol in this March 28, 2023 file photo. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Colin Murphey) Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin signed off again on ballot language for a proposed constitutional … Read More

97-Year-Old Academic Figures He’s Got A Few More Years Of Teaching Left In Him At One Of Those Suss CBD Private Colleges — The Betoota Advocate

MONTY BENFICA | Amusements | CONTACT The world of academia is abuzz with the news of 97-year-old Professor Harold Taft declaring his intent to continue teaching at one of those suss CBD private colleges that’s mainly occupied by teenagers getting their RSA/RSG and people from overseas paying for a studying Visa loophole. Professor Taft, … Read More

Jackson city councilwoman Angelique Lee arrested for DUI of marijuana

Jackson city councilwoman Angelique Lee was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Madison.According to court documents obtained from the Madison Municipal Court, Lee was arrested on June 16, 2023, while driving north on I-55. The Madison Police Department’s incident report said the officer who stopped Lee noticed … Read More

Police make $5m marijuana bust in St James

News Gregory Mc Burnie 12 Minutes Ago File photo POLICE on February 29 seized more than $5 million worth of marijuana in St James. Western Division officers made the seizure during an early morning anti-crime exercise. Police reports said around 3.45 am, members of the St James CID went to … Read More

Christina Dixon gets 90 days for treating daughter’s liver cancer with CBD oil

An Oregon mom will spend 90 days behind bars for attempting to cure her teen daughter’s cancer with CBD oil and vitamins instead of more conventional medical treatments. Christina Dixon, 39, was sentenced Tuesday after being found guilty of first-degree custodial interference and two counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment in … Read More

Prior marijuana use – no questions asked? – Monterey Herald

Question: I’ve heard that, as a business owner, I can no longer ask employees or potential employees about prior marijuana use. Is that true? Does this impact my ability to do criminal background checks? Answer: Generally, yes. As a general rule, employers cannot ask a job applicant about his or … Read More

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Tips for Reducing Stress and Tension at Work

Managing stress is essential for maintaining productivity and ensuring mental and physical well-being in our fast-paced work culture. Working professionals need help finding stress reduction tips they can use. We have several tips for reducing stress and tension at work listed below. They may not work for everyone, but they … Read More

Types of Green Energy Used in Cannabis Cultivation

As the green revolution continues to march into new sectors, the cannabis industry hasn’t been one to shy away from its ecological responsibilities. Facing growing scrutiny for their carbon footprints, cannabis cultivation sites worldwide are turning to renewable energy sources to drive a more sustainable future. This shift is both … Read More

Facts on How Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol or Tobacco

In this article we look at the facts on how cannabis is safer than alcohol or tobacco. When it comes to substances like cannabis, liquor, and tobacco, it’s basic to be well-informed almost their potential impacts on our wellbeing. Numerous individuals have listened shifting suppositions, but let’s dig into the … Read More