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IL marijuana companies preparing for growth

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) – Illinois medical marijuana companies are working to expand as they expect opportunities to grow after years … Read More

Massachusetts to start selling recreational marijuana | World | thenews.com.pk

Massachusetts to start selling recreational marijuana NEW YORK: Massachusetts is joining the growing list of US states where Americans can … Read More

PM Skerrit says Dominica should not prosecute for small amounts of marijuana – Dominica News Online

PM Skerrit addressing the consultation Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit has said he believes that Dominica should … Read More

4 Prominent Marijuana Earnings Season Trends — The Motley Fool

Momentum in the marijuana industry has been practically unstoppable in 2018. This year, we’ve witnessed Canada lift a nine-decade prohibition … Read More

This Innovative Marijuana Stock’s Making a Big Move — The Motley Fool

There’s a lot of investor demand for marijuana stocks right now. Because of the recent opening of the Canadian recreational … Read More

Utah Senate president compels attendance at medical marijuana special session

SALT LAKE CITY — Senate President Wayne Niederhauser is warning senators not to skip next month’s special session where they … Read More

Laura Kiefert: Demand that legislators obey will of the people on marijuana | Opinion

Dear Editor: On Nov. 6, voters in 16 Wisconsin counties held advisory referendums on marijuana asking voters if they supported … Read More

CDFW shuts down black-market marijuana grow in Trinity County ~ East Valley Times

water diversion On Nov. 6, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) served a search warrant on a black-market … Read More

Recreational Marijuana Sales In Massachusetts – What You Need To Know « CBS Boston

LEICEISTER (CBS/AP) — The first two recreational marijuana stores in Massachusetts will open Tuesday morning in Leicester and Northampton. The … Read More

Marijuana to go on sale in Massachusetts Tuesday

Two marijuana stores in Massachusetts were given the green light Friday to begin selling to recreational customers next week, making … Read More

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Seeds VS Clones A heated debate among many growers, cannabis seeds which is better? Which should you start with as … Read More

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Pineapple Kush Indica Strain We received our 7.2 grams of the Pineapple Kush Indica Strain as part of a special … Read More

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