Two out-of-state men found themselves in a bit of trouble after trying to enter Tinker Air Force Base with vehicle full of marijuana and a gun.

Shortly before 7:15 a.m. Monday, Jose Avila, 42, and William Kuper, 30, were arrested after making the attempt.

Oklahoma County sheriff’s office spokesman Mark Myers told News 9 the two were on their way back home to Missouri from California, where it appears the product was purchased from a dispensary.

When both men rolled down the window at the base’s main gate, the smell told the story.

“When they did that, the security forces who spoke with these guys noticed a very strong scent of marijuana,” said Myers. “They said just pull over there, we’ll be with you in a second.”

While conducting a search warrant, deputies found marijuana, vape cartridges, edibles, and a loaded .40 caliber handgun.

Both men are felons and told deputies they were trying to get to a transmission shop on the opposite side of Interstate 40.

“Obviously medical marijuana is legal here in the state of Oklahoma but you also have to understand you cannot transport it across state lines unless you have the proper licensing,” said Myers.

Avila told deputies on scene he is a restaurant owner in Missouri. Investigators think it’s possible that’s where the products seized, purchased in LA and Las Vegas, were going to be sold.

“You think that if you have that much marijuana and are transporting it illegally, obviously they didn’t have a license to transport this stuff, that’s probably the one place you wouldn’t want to pull up,” said Myers. “It is almost like pulling up to a sheriff deputy asking for directions while smoking a joint.”

Both men were arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County jail on drugs and firearms complaints.

No official charges have been filed yet.

Both men have since bonded out of jail and returned home to Missouri.