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DUBLIN–()–The “Innovations in Nanocapsules, Nanotubes and Nano-holograms” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

This issue of the Nanotechnology TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) highlights a self-healing coating for polymer films, an intelligent nanocapsule for delivering cosmetic actives, a direct exfoliation method to produce graphene in large scale, a life-like biomaterial that mimics cellular metabolism, a functional nano-capsule that acts as a pH-responsive cargo nano-carrier, and a host of other nanomaterials that impact a wide range of end industries.

List of Profiles

Profile 1: Self-healing Nanocoating for Polymer Films

  • The Self-healing Nature of the Nanocoating can be Translated into Smart Film Applications in Windows

Profile 2: Intelligent Nanocapsules for Delivering Cosmetic Actives

  • Polypeptide Nanocapsules can Deliver Active Ingredients on Site

Profile 3: Highly Pure Graphene Made with a Single Step Direct Exfoliation

  • Graphene has a Wide Adoption Potential in Battery Applications as an Electrode material

Profile 4: Biodegradable Nanocarrier to Selectively Deliver Anti-cancer Drugs

  • The Nanosilica Capsule has the Potential To Deliver Anti-Cancer Drugs

Profile 5: Nanosized Delivery Forum for Infusing Cannabidiol into Beverages

  • The CBD Delivery System Can Find Increased Applications in nutraceuticals

Profile 6: A Coated Nanoparticle That Senses Milk Spoilage

  • The Nano-based Smart Packaging Finds Potential in the Food and Beverage Industry

Profile 7: Programmable Life-like Biomaterial

  • Potential Adoption of Life-like Biomaterial in the Robotics Industry

Profile 8: Adjustable Therapeutic Delivery Biomaterial

  • Non-toxic, Flexible Material in Therapeutic Delivery

Profile 9:Generating the Energy through Polystyrene Waste

  • Optimizing the Adoption of Renewable Energy using High Strength Energy Conductor

Profile 10: Enhancing User-experience in the Optical Display Industry

  • Optimizing the User-experience in Wearable Devices Through Holograms

Profile 11: Cost-effective Production of Carbon Nanotubes

  • Operation Costs of Some Refining Processes Get Substantially Reduced with the Introduction of the C2CNT Method

Profile 12: Bio-based Nanocomposite Catalyst for Water treatment

  • Regulations Play a Critical Role in the Adoption of Biochar-nanocomposite Catalyst

Profile 13: Transparent Nanowire Arrays for Solar Cells

  • Healthcare is an Emerging Application for the Developed Nanoarrays

Profile 14: Ultrathin Thermal Insulations for Advanced Electronics

  • Consumer Electronics Sector has the Highest Adoption Potential for Graphene-based Thermal Insulation Systems

Profile 15: Carbon Nanotube-based High-Temperature Resistive Adhesives

  • The CNT-based Adhesives Will Have Applications in the Aerospace & Defense, Advanced Computing, and Energy & Utility Sectors

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