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  • Charlotte’s Web is the largest U.S. publicly traded CBD pure play
  • Cresco Labs is a diversified integrated cannabis company
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals has the only FDA-approved CBD drug

The CBD industry has faced its share of hurdles but one thing is clear: It is here to stay and should grow at a high double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the next six years or more. As of 2021, the CBD industry was valued at just over $12.8 billion and is expected to grow at a 20% CAGR through 2028. That’s a gain of 250% over the next six to seven years and the estimates could be low. Sales of CBD products accelerate as the industry deepens its penetration and consumer awareness grows. At the end of 2021, up to 30% of all Americans had tried CBD and the number continues to grow. As of November 2022, more than 60% of all Americans think CBD is safer than alcohol and 26% use it on a regular basis.

The biggest hurdle to CBD industry growth? Federal regulation, despite legalization in the 2018 Farm Bill, but not in the way you may think. In many cases, its uses are medicinal in nature and that brings in the FDA. CBD products cannot be labeled to make consumers believe they have medicinal qualities, even though many consumers use them for that reason.

You may want to keep an eye on CBD stock like Charlotte’s Web, Cresco Labs and Jazz Pharmaceuticals for their market-shattering capabilities.

1. Charlotte’s Web: The Largest U.S. Pure Play

Charlotte’s Web (OTC:) is the largest CBD…

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