3 Marijuana Stocks to Watch as New York, New Jersey Delay LegalizationPosted by On

Opposition to cannabis has come from an unexpected place in recent days — blue-state America. Thus far, the states which have legalized pot all lean left, or at least center-left. Hence, it may have come as a surprise when legalization efforts faced roadblocks in two key blue states: New Jersey and New York.

In New Jersey, the governor wants to grant legal status to cannabis. However, lawmakers canceled the vote since it does not appear to have enough support in the State Senate.

New York faces obstacles in the state capitol and several localities. Governor Andrew Cuomo has indicated that he will miss the deadline to include it in April’s state budget. Moreover, many counties, some which encompass metro New York City, have expressed interest in opting out of legalization.

This primarily affects stocks with weed-based operations in the state. Thankfully for Canopy Growth

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