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Cleaning Glass Weed Pipes

The proper cleaning of glass weed pipes is essential in many ways. For preserving the life of your smoking equipment as well as maximizing the taste and flavor of your cannabis strain.

Glass pipes, bongs and bowls are often among the dirtiest and the widely used tools for marijuana, after the joint of course. There are a lot of people who just don’t know how to clean a glass pipe or bong. You will notice a big difference in the taste of your herbs after cleaning your marijuana pipe.

How Important is it to clean a glass weed pipe?

The more often you use cannabis, the more necessary it is that pipes, bowls and bongs are cleaned. It is virtually impossible on many pipes to use your fingers to get into every little nook of your pipe. This is where cotton swabs and pipe cleaners are useful. Be cautious about using tools that have metal in them to prevent the glass from being scratched inside. Otherwise, cotton swabs operate excellent for the purification of your mouthpieces and for the removal of cooked residues and hard to get areas inside the pipe.


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