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This was the pitch, from all the way up north, in Canada!

Please allow me to introduce myself on behalf of the PR team with BLLRDR. I’m a fan of your work with Forbes, and I thought it best to reach out directly.

I understand that you’re a Cannabis Alchemist and I think that perhaps, you would have an interest in this wonderfully unique and rare strain. In Toronto, we work closely with a steadfast group of entrepreneurs who are responsible for bringing the famous BLLRDR strain to Canada, one of the rarest buds on the market and the most anticipated cannabis launch of the year.

Cultivated by MJardin Group Inc., Robes Inc., is a privately held company founded by Max Zavet, CEO and Lorne Greenberg, President. BLLRDR is also a collaboration between Grammy Award-winning producer and OVO co-founder Noah “40” Shebib and legendary grower and breeder of the Afghani Bullrider, Jef Tek. It’s with Tek’s attention to…

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