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1. West Fargo citizen group calls for independent audit of city departments

A group of West Fargo residents are calling for an independent audit of the city’s departments by state or county officials after a

Forum investigation unveiled the scope of city utility billing errors that resulted in the loss of at least $1.25 million in taxpayer funds


While city leaders said they knew about the error earlier this year, the subject hadn’t been publicly highlighted or discussed until West Fargo City

Commissioner Roben Anderson brought up the Forum’s article during their commission meeting on Monday, May 15.

“We all kind of knew there was an issue, but did anyone know the extent?” Anderson said.

The commission had been briefed on the situation a while back, according to Commissioner Brad Olson, but didn’t know all the details.

“I feel, as an elected official, it’s on us to ask more questions at that time and dig into it then,” Olson said. “It’s our responsibility to be the factfinders and dig into it rather than wait and wait and wait and now it gets to this point.”

Monday’s revealing discussion between city leaders prompted the citizen-led group West Fargoans for Transparency, Accountability, and Professionalism in City…

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