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New Zealand is choosing on October 17 whether it wants recreational cannabis to be legal. Do you know which way you’ll vote? Photo / Alan Gibson


New Zealand will vote next month on whether it wants recreational cannabis to be legalised.

Here are five things you should know before you cast your vote.

1. You are voting on whether NZ should legalise, not decriminalise cannabis.

NZ police can already use discretion for cannabis-related crimes, only prosecuting as a last resort. The law change being voted on in the referendum goes further by creating a legal industry, with cannabis products grown in NZ, sold in licensed stores, and subject to taxes and regulations.

2. Legalised cannabis in NZ would not, however, be a free-for-all.

The proposed rules are potentially the strictest out of any of the five countries and various states that have legalised. There is a minimum purchase age of 20, and relatively strict limits on how much you can buy, carry, grow and where you can use it. The cannabis…

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