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The demand for CBD and other hemp products like gummies is rising due to the relief they can provide to millions of people. In terms of health, CBD can help treat chronic pain, inflammation, joint pain, neurological conditions, and more. Sadly, due to poor regulation, questions about the safety of CBD product remains as not all manufacturers apply the same production standards. This is primarily due to slow action by the FDA and the strict requirements by the DEA. Luckily, as the 2018 Farm Bill slowly comes to an end, the 2023 Farm Bill will make its way to Congress soon and will serve as a beacon of hope for changes to be made in CBD regulations. 

An Examination of the USDA’s Hemp Production Program was a hearing held on July 2, and the guests present were the House Agriculture Subcommittee members; Eric Wang, CEO of Ecofibre; and Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture, Ryan Quarles. 

Through this hearing, they tackled what needed to be included in the 2023 Farm Bill. Ultimately, this would improve the existing rules on the production of CBD and other hemp products. Here are five possible changes we can expect in the planning of the 2023 Farm Bill. 

1. The 2023 Farm Bill could create a clear pathway of regulations for CBD

As we have mentioned earlier, people have become reluctant about purchasing hemp products due to poor regulations by the FDA. Said products were also said to have intoxicating effects once they had been consumed, so that only worsened the initial…

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