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Anecdotally, most users maintain marijuana isn’t addictive. The medical community concedes addition is relatively rare (affecting 1 in 10 users) but it does happen. Either way, some people opt to take a break — or quit — using cannabis for a variety of reasons. Others need to pass a drug test, while a few of them need to reset their tolerance to weed. However, when the body is used to incorporating marijuana into its system, it can leave the person “craving” for weed’s compounds. And when the body doesn’t get its hemp fix, it can lead to a few (and sometimes several) marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Here are some marijuana withdrawal symptoms and how you can mitigate these nuisances.

6 Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Make It Manageable

Plenty of science-backed evidence theorizes how marijuana use can be beneficial to those who are suffering from certain ailments. However, just like most things we get our bodies to be dependent on (such as caffeine or nicotine), stopping cannabis use can trigger marijuana withdrawal symptoms — they range from mildly uncomfortable to dreadful.

Some marijuana withdrawal symptoms:

1. Sleeping difficulties

Problems with sleeping are one of the most common marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Though sleeping difficulties are a common withdrawal symptom — in general — some weed users who prefer an indica strain, or those who rely on the CBD content of cannabis might even sometimes use these specific marijuana types to induce…

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