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The quality of a marijuana harvest often depends on the knowledge of the cultivator and the growing environment of the plants. If you are new to the world of growing marijuana, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about the effort and time needed to produce a good yield. But the fact is that growing marijuana is not a challenging task, provided you know where to start and how to go about it. In this article, we share six essential tips for growing marijuana.

Tip 1: Grow your marijuana from seeds

Seeds are the best sources to grow high-quality marijuana plants. Some people prefer clones for growing marijuana. Clones may be a quicker way to grow the plants, but they run the risk of incorporating into your crop any disease or genetic weakness that existed in the mother plant.

Tip 2: Ensure to plant feminized seeds

Nothing can be more frustrating than toiling after your crop and finally realizing that they are simply a bunch of male plants. To avoid such disappointments, make sure that you plant feminized seeds. A feminized marijuana seed ensures the production of a female plant. Click here to know more about marijuana seeds.

Tip3: Maintain enough light and good air flow

Proper light and air flow are indispensable for a good harvest of marijuana. Ensure that your plants receive ample light and good air circulation. At the same time, provide good ventilation so that the heat released by your light sources can vent out.

Tip 4:  Plant your seeds in a good soil

A good soil can supply all the vital nutrients needed for the growth of your marijuana plants. So, take care to use a fine quality soil that is rich in nutrients. Such a soil will eliminate the need of using fertilizers and boosters for ensuring the growth of your crop.

Tip 5: Regulate the pH level of soil and water

Marijuana plants grow well when the pH level of the soil and water used for plantation is acidic in nature. Maintain the pH level within the range of 5.5 to 6.5. Check the pH level regularly as the pH changes when marijuana metabolizes the nutrients.

Tip 6: Harvest at the right time and cure the buds

Be sure to harvest your marijuana plants at the right time. Depending on the strain and the end result you want, select the time for your harvest. Finally, cure the buds and store them carefully.

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