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Marijuana intake can either be in vaporized form, edibles intake or by smoking. Vaporization cannabis has proved to be the safest and most effective intake method as articulated here.

Vaporizing cannabis is the most recent method of marijuana intake. The previous and popular intake methods are smoking joints or consuming it in baked form. It promises the safest, quickest effect, discrete, purest form of intake and delivers the most pleasurable moments. The benefits of vaporizing cannabis are discussed below.

  1. Health safety

Any form of smoking is associated with adverse effects on the respiratory system and decolonization of teeth. While marijuana is smoked, there are further adverse health risks such as poor general functioning, motor coordination, and cannabis intake disorder. Vaporization reduces the exposure to toxic byproducts from combustion while smoking. Carbon monoxide which is the core of the product is eradicated making it safer for your respiratory system. Vaporization makes it possible for the intake of medical marijuana or for recreational purpose while simultaneously ensuring health safety.

  1. Discretion

Vaporizers have flavors which mask the overall scent associated with marijuana. Additionally, vaporization reduces the overall smell which is produced by thecombustion of the marijuana. While vaporization may not entirely eliminate the smell, a combination of the scents or flavoring makes it possible to mask the residue marijuana lingers in the smoke. Besides the discretion realized by vaporization, it also helps prevent the accumulation of cannabis smell on one’s, furniture, clothes, hair,and curtains.

  1. It is cost effective

Intake by smoking results in the dissipation of the THC, the active ingredient into the air regardless of being inhaled or not. The constant supply of fuel results to consistent combustion of the joint. As the patient is smoking the medical marijuana they end up wasting 30% of the total effective contents of the total amount intended.  The architecture of vaporizers ensures there is minimal wastage by restricting the combustion to inhalation. Thislimits wastage into the air. Additionally, one can determine the amount of the buds being consumed by limiting the heat to a certain temperature and the amount loaded into the vaporizer.

  1. Convenience in portability

Vaporizers come in different compact small sizes which one may choose one that suits them on the go. This is most suitable for patients using medical marijuana and enthusiasts too. The small sizes make it possible to carry in the pocket. Patients can preload the vaporizers with their prescribed amounts of medical marijuana and enjoy the benefits of cannabis while they need it on the move. Additionally, it helps one to puff their cannabis anywhere anytime since there are negligible second-hand effects.

  1. Accentuated flavor experience

The flavor is one among the cannabis benefits of modern strains. Terpenes which are the components responsible for the flavor in the buds are burnt more effectivelywhen the buds are vaporized. Often the therapeutic effect of the flavor is lost while the medical marijuana is smoked. The high temperatures during combustion destroy the terpenes but they are reserved while using a regulated temperature in vaporizers.This an addition to the benefits of cannabis.

  1. Vaporizers are Customizable

The vaporizers can be customized to match the user’s preferences. In some vaporizers, the flavor can be customized to the user’s preference while vaping. Vaporizer employ technology which enables one to regulate temperatures in order to produce the desired amount of vapor and flavor.

Vaporization of cannabis has an array health, aesthetic, and economic benefits which make it the most suitable alternative to intake. Additionally, it helps in alleviating second-hand effects to the user and their neighbors.


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