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CBD (cannabidiol) is flooding the wellness market and appears to offer a wide range of health benefits while causing few to no side effects or resulting in intoxication. Despite its growing popularity, misinformation still surrounds its use. In order to make more informed choices, here are some facts every CBD user should know.

  1. Not all CBD products are created equal

It is important to find out more about CBD products before buying them, such as where plants were grown, how products were made, and whether they were tested. Reputable CBD companies use high-quality hemp, make their products in safe ways and use strict labeling standards, but others may use false advertising that can be deceiving. 

Consumers need to buy CBD from companies that test their products and offer Certificates of Analysis (COAs). Hemp plants readily absorb contaminants from the soil, and you don’t want to consume them with your CBD. You also want to know what other ingredients a product contains and ingredient quantities. If a product isn’t lab tested, don’t purchase it.  

According to reviews of their products on LeafReport, JustCBD products are made from organically-grown hemp on US farms. A JustCBD gummies purity review confirms that the company uses CO2 extraction and tests its products for potency and purity. 


  1. CBD is non-intoxicating


A major selling point of CBD is that it is therapeutic, but it isn’t psychoactive like THC, another compound found in the cannabis plant….

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