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Are you in the dark about what’s actually in that melatonin product that you may have been taking? A study described in a JAMA research letter published on April 25 found that 22 of 25 melatonin gummy products analyzed had labels that did not accurately represent the contents of the products. That’s a whopping 88% if them. In fact, the actual levels of melatonin in the products ranged from 74% to 347% of what was listed on the labels. And while five of the products did list cannabidiol (CBD) on their labels—yes, that CBD—the actual levels of CBD ranged from 104% to 118% of what was indicated on the label. So, that gummy in your tummy may have a lot more or a lot less of what you are thinking that you are getting. That’s not the kind of news that will make you sleep better at night.

Data have shown that an increasing number of Americans have been using melatonin products to sleep or relieve stress or both. As I covered for Forbes in February 2022, a study found that melatonin supplement use had increased over four-fold among Americans from 2000 to 2018. Such dietary supplements aren’t very closely regulated. They are typically sold over-the-counter and don’t go through the same U.S. Food and…

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