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The world of academia is abuzz with the news of 97-year-old Professor Harold Taft declaring his intent to continue teaching at one of those suss CBD private colleges that’s mainly occupied by teenagers getting their RSA/RSG and people from overseas paying for a studying Visa loophole.

Professor Taft, known for his tireless dedication to the world of education, began his teaching career under the Ben Chifley government in 1947, making the most of a post war Australia looking to bolster its teaching force. 

After a brief stint in retirement Professor Taft is making a comeback at the last institution that will happily accept him, the International Top Level CBD College 5 Stars Institute, or more commonly known as TLCBDC5SI.

“I must say i’m very excited to start educating again, I lost a bunch of my magic once they introduced electric calculators into the classroom, but now that I finally know my way around those things I think I’m up to the task”. Professor Taft explained.

While most are excited for the professors return to the classroom some have raised eyebrows at the choice of school, claiming those private colleges are just diploma factories where no actual learning takes place.

Former student of the college Dylan Brynn (28) claims he spent an entire semester their being taught by a parrot, along with other complaints.

“I swear those colleges are a scam, I had to get a…

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