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There are a few common CBD dosage guidelines that you can use for specific conditions. You can use some general dosage guidelines for certain conditions, but always be sure to use them as a point of reference, rather than as the only, or the only, way of dosing CBD. Your ideal dosage of CBD depends on many factors, such as your body weight, your body chemistry, the condition you are treating, and the concentration of CBD in the product you are using.

Most CBD products can vary greatly in quality, quantity of CBD per dose, and safety, making figuring out the ideal dosage incredibly challenging. By taking an informed, responsible approach to cannabis supplementation, consumers can find an optimal dose of CBD very quickly, by remembering three simple steps: start low, increase slowly, and less is better. In any case, if you are a new user of CBD, you will want to start small and increase as needed.

To begin using CBD, we recommend using minimal doses, no more than 10-15mg a day, for the first week. Wait one hour after taking the CBD to see if you experience any differences, or better yet, allow it 1-3 days of steady usage.

This means that you might experience an effect faster, which could mean that you will have to take CBD more frequently to keep your effects going. Due to the unique characteristics of your body, if you are not feeling the effects you are looking for and want to enhance…

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