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It’s been 10 years since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use, setting the tone for changes across the country that continue today.

While the initial boom of the industry has passed, Colorado has seen billions of dollars in marijuana sales and tax revenue.

Boulder-based Wana Brands launched as the industry was budding and continues to see success in the edible market. In its test kitchen, the cooks are using cannabis.



“Fifteen, 20 minutes, and then we are ready to demold and taste them,” explained Mike Hennesy, Wanna Brand chief innovation officer. 

One of the first marijuana edible companies to launch when recreational sales started in 2014, Wana Brands can now deliver a formulated gummy targeting issues such as insomnia or anxiety.

“This is a pretty new, exciting take on some gummies that we have never tried before.” Hennesy said.

As Wana Brands CIO, Hennesy is the company’s idea man — a long way from where he began in shipping.

“This was my first role in the industry,” Hennesey said. “I had come out with a college degree and wanted to get involved in the cannabis industry.”

What started as a one-room operation is now an international brand — one of the nearly 1,000 licensed marijuana retailers in the state.

Altogether, Colorado dispensaries have seen more than $15 dollars in sales since 2014.

“Generally, between…

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