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As of October 5, medical marijuana patients and caregivers could legally grow and get by on their own supply in New York State. For those whose suffering and symptoms are ameliorated by the plant, this news is a huge relief. However, these new regulations can be confusing. There are many nuances to navigating your first cultivation cycle. We’re here to help.

Unfortunately, the state is fast earning a reputation for more heavily regulating marijuana than other jurisdictions do. Before you plant a seed, it’s best to get caught up on the confusing bundle of red tape attached to New York’s latest step towards full legalization.

First and foremost, recreational users are not yet allowed to cultivate their own plants. One must be officially recognized by the state as a qualifying patient or caregiver.

The good news here is in January of this year medical practitioners in New York were granted wide authority to prescribe medical marijuana for any condition they believe can be treated effectively with the plant. Previously, medical marijuana cardholders were limited to a relatively short list of conditions.

Today, an increasing number of surveys and studies are pointing toward marijuana’s efficacy in improving a wide range of physical and mental conditions.

For those who are licensed, there is a legal limit to the number and type of plants one can cultivate. Each patient or caregiver is allowed three immature and three mature plants. Immature plants are defined…

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