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Bennett is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Ivy, who succumbed to her injuries eight days after being rushed to the hospital unconscious.

Facebook photo of Ivy Wick, who died in October of 2017. Photo by Supplied

In his conversation with Acosta, the accused said he was getting ready to make Ivy breakfast when Wordsworth ordered her into a corner for acting up.

While she showered, the mother then told Ivy to go to her room, Bennett said.

“When she told her to go to her room, that’s when we heard the scream,” Bennett said of the incident that morning that left Ivy unconscious.

“And I ran in there,” he told Acosta.

He said he held Ivy and the child began to tense up, leading him to believe she was having a seizure.

“She was laying on the floor beside her bed.”

Bennett said the child cried for about four seconds and then lost consciousness.

“She was crying, but it wasn’t a normal cry,” he said.

“And the look on her face . . . I…

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