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“I wish I could say I was leaving the policy space with more optimism about the future of federal policy reform. On the other hand, I know there are leaders out there, known and unknown to me, who can prove me wrong.”

By Justin Strekal, “Pot Smokers’ Lobbyist” Emeritus 

When I used to play Dungeons and Dragons, I was often accused of “metagaming” too much, meaning I too often try to think about all possible scenarios, attempt to look around every corner, etc.

In my opinion, it’s time for the cannabis reform community to do a better job of embracing active metagamers and, more importantly, discounting the opinions of those who speak with a high level of unearned authority or certainty.

Because truly, the history book of marijuana policy reform is being written one day at a time, meaning the best anyone can do is attempt to manifest what will be written on tomorrow’s page. Other than that, it’s just words and guesses. 

So as I depart the cannabis policy reform movement after nearly a decade of policy experience, both inside and outside of government, I wanted to share a few thoughts on where I see things are and where they could go.

For Federal Policymakers:

The most precious commodity in any level of government is attention and the most common way to get attention in the Capitol is money. That is why it is simultaneously possible for nearly all Americans to point to money as a corrupting influence, while the privatized campaign finance system and…

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