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Afghani Cannabis Strain

Afghani cannabis strain has been around for centuries first thought to be discovered in the mountains of Afghanistan. This highly resinous, pure-indica landrace strain is also known for its potent punch and for producing the superior Afghan Black Hash.

Afghani cannabis strain has a pungent full flavor accompanied with scents of floral and fruit, whie at the same time emitting an earthy hash like smell. The resulting taste is a hardcore full bodied hash like smoke that is sure to keep you laid back and relaxed.

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Afghani Potency and Effects

A user favorite Afghani is a high-yield strain that is very potent. Beginner cannabis users beware this strain delivers an incredible long lasting high like no other. Intensely high on THC, this Indica-dominant original landrace strain gives way for a relaxing and happy high. Afghani cannabis strain offers the perfect smoke to cap of a tough day. Producing a body buzz, which is a signature Indica effect. This cannabis strain has a THC level of 15-25% producing a body high that will lull your entire body, definitely produce the munchies while keeping you glued to your bed or couch.

Afghani cannabis strain is recommended for those looking for medical marijuana relief. This strains effectiveness is great for treating insomnia, and chronic pain relief.

Growing the Afghani Cannabis Strain

Suited for both indoor or outdoor growing conditions reaching only 2 feet high once fully developed. The Afghani Cannabis strain produces a generous yield which can reach 500 g when grown indoors and 300 g outdoors. Beginner growers cant go wrong, and experienced growers love it’s rapid flowering and abundant yield. Afghani’s buds are perfectly packed with stinky and pungent buds which are ready for harvest in just 7-8 weeks of flowering. This strain grows short and bushy, with big and long dark leaves that resemble most Indica strains.

Our Conclusion

While the Afghani cannabis strain emits a very harsh smoke and gives users a tranquilizing effect, it also helps many users with their medical problems. For those suffering from conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite or nausea, suffer with chronic pain or injuries then the Afghani marijuana strain may be able to help people cope with some of these ailments.


Relaxation 5/5

Sleep 4/5

Happy 2.5/5


Stress 5/5

Pain 4.5/5

Insomnia 4.5/5

Depression 3.5/5

Muscle Spasms 3/5

Side Effects

Dry Mouth 5/5

Red Eyes 3.5/5

Dizzy 2.5/5

Paranoia 1.5/5

Headaches 1/5

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