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A Seattle police officer was fired after self-reporting his marijuana use. (Seattle Police Department)

The Seattle Police Department fired a young officer after he self-reported his symptoms of depression and addiction to marijuana. Now, with the backing of the police union, that officer is fighting to get back his job.

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Young Jun Lim, who served in the West precinct, told his superior that he was suffering from symptoms of depression. This didn’t come as a shock to his lieutenant.

“Luckily he noticed that, and he had an officer who was involved in peer support come and talk to me,” Lim, 24, exclusively told The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “That officer told me his story about his substance use and how the department helped him out during his trying times. So I decided to come forth and tell my lieutenant that I was also, you know, having this substance problem.”

Lim had become addicted to marijuana, a way to self-medicate through his depression. He started consuming marijuana infrequently, but as his depression worsened, he would smoke every day after his shift.

“I work third watch, which is basically night shift, so after every shift, I’d go home in the morning… and use marijuana,” Lim admitted. “I’d go to sleep, wake up and then go to work the next day.”

Lim tested positive for marijuana in his system after a urine test and was referred to the Office of Police Accountability for investigation. He smoked approximately 14 hours earlier, according to his disciplinary action report obtained by the Jason Rantz Show. THC can stay in the system for days, but does not necessarily indicate you’re impaired.

“I had been self medicating myself for quite a bit and obviously there would be THC in my system,” Lim concedes. “However, I’d like to stress the fact that I never showed up to work feeling impaired or high or anything like that. Because not only would that put myself at risk, it put other officers at risk, and more importantly, it put in the community at risk.”

Lim says the SPD sent him to a 45-day rehabilitation center in California,…

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