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In just three months of Air Force and Space Force’s pilot programs that enable certain prospective applicants to join the services even though they tested positive for cannabis, the Air Force Recruiting Service granted waivers to 43 applicants, reported 

These numbers are much higher than Air Force recruiting officials thought it would be. They were expecting to see around 50 cases per year, based on the previous years. 

“As more states adopt more leniency toward cannabis and THC derivatives, we anticipate a continued increase,” Chrissy Cuttita, Air Force Recruiting Service spokeswoman told the outlet. 

New Air Force And Space Force Pilot Programs Highlights 

  • With waivers, applicants have a chance to retest after 90 days of receiving it; 

  • To be considered for the waiver, applicants need to do well on the Armed Forces Qualification Test, have graduated from high school and not have any other potential barriers to joining the services (medical or legal); 

The military still does not tolerate other Schedule 1 substances, like heroin, ecstasy or methamphetamines. When it comes to marijuana, they were compelled to give it a second chance in view of the fact that the plant has become nearly mainstream. 

According to Beth J. Asch, a senior economist at the nonprofit Rand Corp. who has been examining cannabis waiver policies in the armed services, the legalization trend is having a profound impact on potential recruits. 

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