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Alcohol and Cannabis

Many people mix alcohol and cannabis. In order to increase their high or the effect of the first drug they consumed. If you drink alcohol and mix cannabis your THC levels in your plasma will escalate increasing your high.

Alcohol combined with marijuana results in the later drug lasting longer than normal in the user’s system. The explanation is that the liver first metabolises alcohol. Despite any other drugs being ingested together, the liver prioritises the metabolization of alcohol first.

The more drugs that are mixed simultaneously, the more likely things are going to go wrong.

What is Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant that will slow the brain, affects behaviour, breathing and heart rate. It also induces emotional release and lowers inhibitions.

Many people feel more at ease with a single alcohol drink which releases stress and reduces self-consciousness. Many feel happy and excited while intoxicated, others become sad or angry. In many violent crimes and suicides alcohol is often involved.

Mixing Alcohol with Weed

A research study conducted by Science Daily concludes. When alcohol and cannabis is mixed, the THC content in the user’s blood is significantly higher. Then when marijuana is smoke on its own. The research study also concluded that the risk of vehicle crashes increased drastically. When the alcohol and cannabis were mixed together, compared with just one drug.

Combining alcohol and cannabis has shown to be detrimental to driving and increasing the chance of collision. When alcohol and cannabis is mixed for a longer period of time. Changes in brain activity may also reduce cognitive function and critical shift in brain structure.

When you make a decision to mix alcohol with weed. Even small doses of the herb will most likely cause you to feel stronger effects. Keep in mind that sedation also includes lethargy, sluggish-behavior and hand eye coordination skills.

Side Effects

Combining alcohol and cannabis can cause dizziness, vertigo and even vomiting. Low dosage rate mixes can be a pleasant and fun experience. But can quickly reverse itself and turn nauseating if the mixture goes above your body’s threshold.

A common side effect of combining the two drugs is dizziness. Also know as “the spin” dizziness is one of the side effects of mixing alcohol and cannabis.

Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means that it causes your body to lose water. Increasing dehydration by increasing the need to urinate more often.

Cannabis delays the movement of food via the intestinal tract. This changes the way you digest your food. This slowed digestion will also result in more slow, lengthy release into the bloodstream of the alcohol you drink.

Long Term Effects

Alcohol abuse can raise the risk of developing many types of illnesses. Cardiovascular problems, HIV, kidney problems, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer. Even the weakened activity of the immune system are the long-term effects of alcohol abuse. With the combination of alcohol and cannabis use. There is an increased potential of developing one or more of these conditions.

Alcohol and cannabis can lead to chronic abuse. It exacerbates physical drug reliance which leads to a more difficult withdrawal program.

The use of common sense will go a long way. There are many side effects that will not occur if you use the two drugs separately and responsibly.


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