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Medical Marijuana is very popular these days because it has been legalized and ever since it was legalized, it made the Medical Marijuana states see decrease in alcohol sales. Medical Marijuana’ which is a medical substance known for its medical and psychological effects is now one of the most trending topics because ever since it was legalized, a large number of people started consuming it. Weed’ has become very popular these days amongst the young generation and now that it is completely legal, they are spending tones of money purchasing it.

After the introduction of medical marijuana laws in a number of states, the sale of Alcohol and Alcoholic beverages was hugely affected. On the contrary, many people are of the view that this change is rather a beneficial one. According to experts, Medical Marijuana is obviously less harmful than alcohol and this is probably why some people prefer to use it as opposed to alcoholic drinks. Some people also believe that legalization of Medical Marijuana in these states might see a continued decrease in the sale and consumption of alcohol over a prolonged period of time.

Comparing the sales of Alcohol and Alcoholic beverages in these states with the states where marijuana has not been legalized yet, the Researchers have come up with an analysis that the legalization of Medical Marijuana has decreased the monthly Alcohol sales by 15%. Though these laws don’t give everyone a freedom to legally access the drug, it can be easily purchased after getting the dosage recommended by a medical doctor.

In spite of the news declaring a decrease in the sales of Alcohol with the legalization of Marijuana, some people hold a contrary view; that the legalization of marijuana has rather increased the usage of alcohol. Not all researchers agree that the availability of marijuana decreases the usage of alcohol. Besides this, some people are rather paying no heed in this direction because according to them, Alcohol consumption can be so fatal to some people that it can result in death but as marijuana has no fatal dose, there can be no deaths because of it. One can die because of alcohol poisoning but Medical Marijuana doesn’t cause any such deaths at all. They are also of the view that Alcohol is more addictive than Marijuana and thus if the legalization of medical marijuana has brought about a fall in the sales of Alcohol, it is good news for all.

Some also believe that legalization of Marijuana in more states could have affected the sales of other beverages like beer also. According to a report, beer industry could lose as much as 2 billion dollars or even more with the legalization of marijuana in more surrounding states.

When we had a survey having talks with common people about this topic, many people were of a view that they would like to substitute beer with marijuana if it gets legalized in their state also.

Change is definitely the need of the hour’ but in my view, a change is beneficial only until the time it doesn’t become a trend. When Alcohol was initially introduced, it was introduced as a medicine for people but soon it turned into an addiction when people started consuming it in unlimited and breath-taking amounts.

If it is Alcohol which is more dangerous for people or it is Marijuana’ is still a debatable topic and even though the government has legalized the use of medical marijuana in these states, still there are some limitations over the
usage and not everyone can purchase it at all.

Everything is good till it is consumed or used in a controlled amount. Even watching the Television or listening to music on your mobile phone can make you sick if you start doing this in an uncontrolled and unlimited amount.

There is a famous dialogue in Spiderman’ the movie, with a great power comes a great responsibility’ and thus in my view, people should not take this legalization for granted. Legalization of Medical Marijuana simply means the legalization of Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Though there is much such news trending in the headlines these days, still a clear distinction needs to be made. No matter which way you cut it, medical marijuana is certainly the safer vice.

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