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Almost Done

Well I am in the 9th week flowering an og/kush crossed with blueberry and a very real super silver haze crossed with  chocolate thai. Wow both plants have been lollypopped and I used the og/bb  as a mother for a few growing out now! I used a new digital  microscope and the tricomes are nice and cloudy not all about 80% so I am deciding if I harvest it today or maybe let it go another few days to bulk up those arm length buds or try and retain some raciness to the  bud! It is a true stoner mix and I cannot wait until I am done curing it! Both plants have been flushed for the past 10 days, my quandary is the super silver haze is about a week or 2 possibly behind the 1st as far as trichromes cloudyness. I can harvest both right now have great dank buds but  I try to maximize thc and all other cannaboids in the plant and another week will add a lot of weight on a sativa dominant plant as  their last week or 10 days puts a lot of weight on them. BTW both plants are still looking good some leafs are getting a lil curled but in DWC  their water use is off the charts as well so I think these plants are going to b e so super clean from an y leftover nutes  I am going to have to take special  care curing these 2! Peace all!

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