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Residents of Altona have voted “yes” to allowing cannabis stores within the town, after nearly a year of debate within the community. 

Of 1,155 voters, 692 — or 60 per cent — voted “yes” to the question: “Should licensed retail cannabis stores be allowed in Altona?”

The plebiscite came nearly a year after a group of citizens petitioned to keep a cannabis store, which had already been approved by the town’s council, from opening.

At the time, their main concerns were around safety and that the drug could become a negative influence in the town.

The vote was supposed to take place in the spring, but was delayed due to COVID-19. 

Altona Mayor Al Friesen said he felt the results affirmed the town council’s earlier decision to allow the store, as it’s a legal business that would create jobs in the community. 

“We just felt that the community, when we presented the facts in front of them at a number of events that we did, that they agreed with us,” he said. 

The town…

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