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I was excited when I was given the opportunity to review the arousal serum. I’m fairly inexperienced in the world of CBD in lubricants and serums and was excited to explore. The product is well-loved, hosting a small but mighty group of 5-star reviews and enthusiastic endorsements. Plus, the label on the bottle itself promised “enhanced pleasure, sensation, and access to orgasms” with only two pumps of the product.

Feeling a bit like a newb, I decided to research just exactly how CBD serums worked. Was I going to get high from putting this on my vulva? (No judgment, I just wanted to know what to expect!) I quickly learned that I wouldn’t get high, but it would still feel good. Topical CBD works by activating your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) — a complex cell-signaling system that interacts with your nervous system to heighten sensations of pleasure by increasing blood flow. In non-science speak: CBD gives you that good physical zen of using cannabis without the mental high, leaving your muscles soothed and relaxed (it’s why it’s recommended for people with chronic pain and muscle problems). But even though I know my vagina is a series of tense muscles (which make up your pelvic floor), I wasn’t exactly sure how a relaxed vagina would feel. And to be honest, relaxing my vag in order to have a better orgasm sounded counter-intuitive. Didn’t I want my vagina to be tense? All the orgasms I’d had before included a tightening sensation that seemed integral to the whole…

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