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MARIETTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – It’s finally happening. Medical marijuana will officially be available to patients in Georgia starting Friday, April 28.

Trulieve gave Atlanta News First an exclusive look inside its Marietta dispensary long delayed by red tape.

“Regulation is probably one of the biggest challenges of the cannabis industry,” said Trulieve Chief Sales Officer Tim Morey.

But now, the final inspections are complete, meaning Morey’s biggest challenge is getting through the two separate layers of security.

Once patients get through those two levels, they find themselves in the dispensary showroom.

“Once they come, we’ll have them walk around and get educated with some of our dispensary associates that will educate them on any of the products that we carry,” Morey said.

That includes extracts, capsules, and lotions, all THC-based in a showroom looks like a modern tech store, with ample space and clean features.

This shop and its counterpart in Macon which also opens tomorrow are not open to the public. You have to have a medical marijuana card.

The layout and setup are all meticulously planned and heavily regulated, which is why it took so long to get here.

“There are 26,000 cannabis patients in the state of Georgia, and it’s been a long eight years coming,” Morey said.

In the end, patients or caregivers choose the product and pay, just like they would at any other business.

“It’s very similar to a lot of retail processes,” Morey said.

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