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Aprch Beverage Co, maker of wellness beverages, has released a summer seasonal of Aprch CBD Sparkling Water, Orange Vanilla. Just in time for summer heat, the new flavor, which combines mandarin and vanilla, the nostalgic flavor will send take you back to childhood and summertime fun! Aprch Orange Vanilla is available through out Aprch’s distribution network as well as direct-to-consumer for $12.99 per 4-pack.

About Aprch

USDA Certified Organic Tinctures and salves

Based in Portland, Oregon, Aprch is a beverage company inspired by adventure, integrity, health and the outdoors. We love making the most of each day, but doing so requires the right nutrition and hydration. That’s why we created Aprch – a lineup of sparkling beverages built to support your day. We’ve crafted nutrient-rich drinks with zero calories, zero sugar, and zero caffeine. Whether you’re building a foundation with an Aprch Sparkling Wellness Water or winding down with an Aprch CBD Sparkling Water, you’ll find a new sense of nourishment with every sip. Aprch is the alternative.

Open. Sip. Relax.

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