Are athletes and cannabis oil, known as CBD, a good mix?Posted by On

A sign displayed at the Milwaukee Bucks' training facility cautions players about nutritional supplements that might cause health problems or run afoul of NBA drug policies.

In 2018, former Green Bay Packer Cullen Jenkins had surprising news: He was taking CBD oil to help relieve his pain and inflammation and help him sleep. It was, he believed, a much healthier alternative to the alcohol dependency he’d developed just to get a good night’s rest, after years of destroying his body playing in the NFL.

Back then, at least in Wisconsin, most of us were not well versed in this extracted part of the cannabis plant.

Four and a half years later?

“Now you can buy it at the gas station,” said Dr. Cecilia Hillard, an expert in the area of cannabinoids.

With the acceptance and availability of CBD oil, what about its use in the sports world, both for professional and recreational athletes? Is CBD oil beneficial?

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