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Cannabis sales in Arizona passed the $1 billion mark for the year in September, as the medical and recreational markets continued a familiar pattern that appears to have solidified over the past several months.

Data from the Arizona Department of Revenue for August and September reports that medical sales remain about one-third that of adult-use recreational, a trend that has persisted throughout the year — and led to the lowest medical use sales figure ever.

Medical sales in September were slightly less than $27 million, a dip from August’s 28.7 million in sales. The latest total represents the lowest in medical sales since competition with the recreational program began in January 2021, after ADOR adjusted the previous low of $26.1 million in July up to $27.3 million.

The last time medical sales were above $30 million was in June, and since June 2022, the medical market has not surpassed $40 million. Medical sales have declined consistently since a peak of $73.4 million in April 2021.

Recreational sales have been more than $80 million since dipping below $90 million in May, following a market record of $100 million in March. ADOR reports that recreational sales were $85.8 million in August and slightly above $80 million in September.

Since the first time the recreational market passed the $80 million threshold in March 2022, it has only failed to reach that mark twice: once in May 2022 at $79.3 million and June 2022 at $77.2 million


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