Arizona Prosecutor Compares Medical Marijuana to ‘Explosives’Posted by On

Sheila Polk sure put the “mad” in Reefer Madness with her recent filing in the highly important cannabis concentrates case now under review by the state Supreme Court.

The pot-hating prohibitionist prosecutor, now serving her fifth term of office as Yavapai County Attorney, actually compares products containing cannabis extracts to “explosives.”

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Her February 1 filing in the all-important Rodney Jones v. State of Arizona case also makes the scientifically illiterate claim that “chemicals” in plants aren’t really part of plants, they’re “entirely different substances.”

If it was a college research paper attempting to make a persuasive argument, the filing would likely rate an “F.” Possibly, it would get Polk kicked out of class for poor ethics.

The Arizona Supreme Court’s review of the Jones case, as you may know, has the potential to change the…

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