Arizona Voters Favor Marijuana Legalization? Depends on the PlanPosted by On

A new poll showing that Arizona voters generally favor adult-use marijuana legalization in 2020 created a lot of excitement last week.

But the real trick for proponents will be to come up with a proposed ballot measure that voters like. History shows this will be much more difficult than the recent poll implies.

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A few ideas have been floated for 2020, but no serious stakeholders — a.k.a., people with money or experience winning campaigns — have released any proposed text. However, the high level of voter support for some kind of legalization plan, combined with the potential of lucrative, new business opportunities, mean a proposal is inevitable. The Arizona Dispensary Association, which has taken the lead in discussions for such a plan, may be ready to introduce something as soon as this month.

The survey of 600 likely voters by OH Predictive Insights asked whether…

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