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I read “A Sack of Sacrament” in the July 4 North Coast Journal with interest, as you might imagine since the Redwood Spiritual Healing Ministry’s lawsuit against Humboldt County raises issues that have long interested me in my legal dealings on behalf of cannabis growers. You brought up some interesting facts, but I think the column missed the main issue. At least the main issue for me.

The lawsuit was filed June 27 on behalf of the ministry by attorney Matthew Pappas, who alleged that the county of Humboldt and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife violated the church’s rights when officers raided the church’s Southern Humboldt property and destroyed an untold number of cannabis plants in five greenhouses.

Pappas sued on two fronts. First, the free exercise of religion clause from the First Amendment, and second, due process requirements of the 14th Amendment. I wish him well in his pursuit of religious freedom and…

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