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Essential CBD

Essential CBD Oils

CBD oils are becoming more popular and more widely consumed than ever before. These oils are extracted from the hemp plant and have no psychoactive elements to them, meaning they won't impair your thought process, and as a result they are legal in ...

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Canada leading cannabis legalization

Canada leading cannabis legalization efforts much more progressively than the USA. Full legalization will soon take affect across the nation.  Don’t get us wrong though the US is taking great steps and moving in the right direction, at a greater pace than ever before. It won’t be long before the US sees nationwide legalization. The ...

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Recreational Marijuana Industry

In 2018 we have witnessed the Marijuana recreational industry continue to grow into the profit generating monster we knew it would be. Medical Marijuana was available to patients long before recreational marijuana was available to the public. States that have legalized it for recreational and medical use have benefited from the explosive growth the industry ...

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Cannabis Stocks Companies And Medical Products

Cannabis stocks are a very unusual and new investment that when they are compared with regular investment, there definitely are no "safe bets."  But if you decide to take the chance on them, medical marijuana offers you with a lot more options.  Many more states have legalized medical marijuana compared to recreational cannabis.  For almost ...

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Growing cannabis at home beginners guide

Do you want to grow your own cannabis at home? Here is a short guide on how to get you started with all the steps you need to take to growing cannabis, as well as the essential equipment you will need.  

  • Find a suitable grow space or room for growing cannabis

  Depending ...

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Renting a Bud Trimmer – A Smart First Step

Renting a Bud Trimmer, It’s harvest time. You find yourself with hundreds of pounds of product to process and might be feeling a little overwhelmed. The idea of finding a bunch of new trimmers, hoping that they’re reliable and skilled, and keeping them motivated throughout the trimming season weighs heavily on you. Perhaps you’ve considered investing ...

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Cannabis Variations and Experiences

Why are there cannabis variations and experiences, some people regularly report feeling relaxed/happy after using cannabis (pot, weed, marijuana), while others go through anxiety and other negative effects? We are researchers based at the University of Wollongong (NSW, Australia) interested in understanding psychological factors (such as personality and mood) involved in shaping typical experiences of ...

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CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Hemp Oil Products

What is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. CBD is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses for having a wide scope of benefits – due to clinical reports and test ...

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Trudeau Cannabis Legalization

CONSEQUENCE OF DELAYED LEGALIZATION IN CANADA The Canadian Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau passed the Cannabis Act Bill C-45 in November 2017. The much-awaited bill was first banned in1923 and was legalised again in 2001. The legalisation is expected to be passed on 7th June 2018, but there is much to be debated over and ...

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What is an Hmbldt Dose Pen?

Vape dose pens have completely opened up a new world for individuals who discreetly want to smoke weed. However, they are not just a smoking devices nowadays. A lot of newer models have raised the bar for quality, clean medicinal cannabis dose pens and advancement in technology. Hmbldt is a California based company that has ...