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Backward Joint Rolling

Backward joint rolling is a method used for hand-rolling joints. The method involves the reversing the rolling paper in which the gummy strip faces the inside of the joint. After rolling, the gummy area can be licked and ripped off and any extra paper can be removed.

Backward joints are a great way to improve burning speed. Smoking joints should be a calming and relaxing practice, when they burn off too quickly or burns out it can become a frustrating experience.

Rolling a backward joint is a reliable way to slowly and smoothly enjoy your favorite cannabis strain. It’s also a great way to avoid inhaling paper smoke.

The Art of Rolling A Joint

Rolling your own joint is a lot less inexpensive then purchasing pre-rolled joints. Making it a cheap and affordable proposition. Outside of a weed grinder (when you are doing this properly), you don’t need any tools, your papers and a lighter.  It isn’t difficult to master with time while rolling your own.

Although almost everybody can roll a joint that is essentially workable. There is an art to rolling a joint that makes it appealing. While effortlessly drags the perfect amount of air. Want to know how many joints you can roll in an ounce or pound of weed? Read our Ounces in a Pound blog post.

Rolling Paper Material Types


Rolling paper which is made of paper is usually made from wood pulp, or from wood pulp and hemp. Rolling wood pulp papers can deliver a harsh burning taste when smoked. The ultra-thin paper can be incredibly hard to roll, the thicker papers are best for beginners. Rolling a backward joint with paper will not produce the same slow burn rate as the next two paper types.


In the last few years, Flax Rolling Papers have become one of the smoker’s preferences for rolling paper. The composition of paper appears to be exceptionally smooth and silky, to the touch. Flax rolling paper is easy to roll with. When burned, it does not leave any odor or after taste. Flax rolling paper is easy to roll and will not change the flavor of your cannabis.


My absolute favorite for rolling joints. Rice papers produced from rice and sugar do not produce ash. Rather, as they burn, they caramelize making them a joy to smoke. Rice rolling papers burn faster than paper or flax. They also provide a uniquely pure weed taste from your buds, as there is no aftertaste from the rice paper. The only drawback, beginners can find it difficult for to roll rice paper. As the paper tends to curve at high humidity. It’s also very difficult to produce a backward joint.

Issues to consider

The burning rate of a joint is dictated by the humidity level of your bud. The process of eliminating the moisture content from your buds is very important. Proper drying makes it easier to manage, more mold resistant and more enjoyable to smoke.

The thickness of your rolling paper significantly affects the burn rate. When using thin paper more air is able to pass through the joint, causing it to burn slower.

I have a link attached below of a youtube video which shows a step by step process on how to properly roll a backward joint. Enjoy!!




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