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The Court of Appeals confirmed yesterday the 15-year jail term awarded to a Cameroonian woman for attempting to smuggle over a kilogram of marijuana by concealing it in dried herbs and shrimp.

The court also ordered her deportation upon completion of the jail term. Customs officers said they spotted the woman as she randomly moved around under stress inside the Bahrain International Airport.

By then, she had also completed the arrival procedures and received her bags.

Growing suspicious of her actions, officials decided to move her aside for questioning.

The officers said they found dried shrimp and herbs inside her bags.

Further checking revealed the narcotic marijuana wrapped in a way that is difficult to detect.

Investigations indicated that the woman belonged to a network smuggling drugs and promoting them inside Bahrain.

The public prosecutor charged the defendant with attempting to…

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Bahrain cops foil attempt to smuggle marijuana in shrimpHerbs

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