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The TikTok of the cannabis world is gaining traction with people who like sharing videos about their buds and bongs and winning cash by doing it. Don’t worry about a ban on the app by President Trump, though.

Daily Bonfire is not a product of China — it was created by entrepreneurs Mark and Pamela Hadfield, a San Rafael couple whose Hello MD website ( sprang to popularity in 2013 by linking patients to medical and lifestyle articles about cannabis as well as doctors who could provide medical recommendations for cannabis, required before the passage of California’s Proposition 64 and legalization of adult use.

Daily Bonfire, whose name was inspired by the idea of daily use and by the communal act of sitting around a bonfire, fills several niches in the marketplace. As one of the few apps devoted to cannabis (along with Duby, MassRoots and Reddit’s r/trees thread), it allows consumers to build community around a substance that is largely banned from…

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