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Berbice men busted with over 270 lbs of marijuana

The county of Berbice is emerging as the hotspot for marijuana cultivation and trafficking with the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit carrying out a number of operations across the Berbice region.

In an operation on Tuesday, CANU agents arrested two men as they traversed the Manarabisi canal in Corentyne in a speed boat with more than 270 pounds of marijuana.

In a statement, CANU said the marijuana was discovered in several parcels and agents also found a shotgun with sixteen live cartridges.

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The agents arrested 30-year-old Suraj Singh of #72 Village Corentyne and 55-year-old Mourice Vansluytman of #70 Village, Corentyne.

The marijuana and shotgun with cartridges were all confiscated as the two men were taken into custody. They are expected in Court before the end of the week.

CANU said the operation formed part of its efforts to reduce the flow of narcotics being trafficked out of the Berbice river district to Suriname.

According to the agency, the officers carried out surveillance activities in several main drainage canals in the Corentyne district, which lasted for a period of two (2) days.

Last week, the agency also carried out two operations that unearthed a large amount of marijuana in the Berbice area.

A recent report by CANU found that marijuana is the most trafficked illegal drug in the country.


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