BERL Report's Revenues Could Offer Funding For Medical Cannabis UsersPosted by On

Medicinal cannabis patients want a slice of the projected
revenue expected to be over $1
as laid out in the BERL reports release
proactively last week.

MCANZ wants to see some of the
tax revenue’s or levies ring-fenced for a Named patient
funding scheme, managed by either PHARMAC or the new Medical
Cannabis Agency so that patients with severe needs get
funding as a priority.

The Medical Cannabis regime
rolled out by the former Minister of Health David Clark did
not directly address costs to patients, and hoped that
domestic competition would drive costs down.

As a
conventional medicine, Medical Cannabis has funding hurdles,
natural extracts don’t attract enforceable patents, which
prevents high quality large clinical trials that are needed
to satisfy PHARMAC about cost/benefits of particular

MCANZ has met with PHARMAC on this…

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