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Best High CBD Cannabis Strains

Our list of  best high CBD cannabis strains have been carefully chosen. Keeping medical cannabis in mind, and strains that provide a full spectrum of cannabinoids. The cannabis strains are well within state government allowed limitations. Making them perfectly lawful in most states where medical cannabis is legal.

In the United States, marijuana consumption is on the rise. While young cannabis use has fallen, adult cannabis use is on the rise in the United States.

More than 65 conditions have been recognized in the scientific literature as candidates for CBD treatment. With the following being a few of them:

Treatment of inflammations and inflammatory diseases, as well as pain management

Management of anxiety and depression.

Anxiety-related illnesses, such as PTSD, ADHD, and others

Management of autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, osteoporosis, and others

Diabetes, sleeplessness, and other aging-related disorders are managed

The best high CBD cannabis strains will be a fantastic match for a variety of people’s desires and needs. Individuals who utilize CBD for therapeutic purposes will benefit from the high CBD cannabis strains.

Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain

THC Content 15 – 20% Indica 75% / Sativa 25%

This amazing strain is a cross between the classic Cheese and the magnificent Blueberry strains. You may expect a standard Indica feeling, but without the couch lock that comes with a few hits.  With a moderate build-up, you’ll receive a really smooth high.

This strains cannabidiol contains medical and therapeutic qualities that are similar to CBD but are not psychoactive.  When you take a hit of Blue Cheese, you’ll experience a sweet flavor of blueberries up front. Followed by musky, spicy, and earthy undertones that are more reminiscent of the Cheese strain on the exhale.

ACDC Cannabis Strain

This strain has a very high CBD content and is considered one of the best high-CBD strains for therapeutic purposes. ACDC can assist with a variety of issues, including nerve pain, MS, epilepsy, and PTSD. All of this is done with almost minimal psychotropic effect.

If you’re looking for a strain to get high off of, ACDC is not the strain for you. Rather, ACDC weed’s main goal is to serve as a therapeutic remedy. For those who want to benefit from cannabis’ restorative properties without the head high effects.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is one of the most extensively tested CBD strains on the market today. As well as one of the most sought-after types of medicine on the planet.

Patients can maintain their cognitive abilities and clarity of mind without the stoned sensation. Which is  associated with high concentrations of THC commonly found in today’s marijuana strains thanks to the high CBD content.

Sour Tsunami is a combination between Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel. That boosts your brain energy while also balancing your body. As you consume this smooth and sweet strain, you will feel a feeling of balance return to your entire body.

Harlequin Strain

This hybrid combines the best of both worlds, thanks to its high CBD content. And ability to treat a variety of pain disorders. This is what makes this strain so desirable. And it’s why it’ll continue to be a favorite sativa for both recreational and medical users.

This hybrid naturally has a very high CBD content, over 10-15%, which is a clear indication of its therapeutic potential.

It is used by many medical patients to treat acute and chronic pain. As well as related symptoms such as inflammation. Furthermore, some people use it to get relief from neuralgic pain, which is pain caused by nerve damage.


If you’re one of the growing number of cannabis users. Who want more CBD for therapeutic purposes without the haziness associated with THC. The above best high CBD cannabis strains are just a few that can help you.

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