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CBD and hemp extracts have been proving to be a viable, natural alternative for people seeking pain relief, inflammation reduction, anxiety relief, and more. From busy moms at home to professional athletes, many are adopting CBD as a non-psychoactive, natural remedy to daily stressors.

With the many brands to choose from out there, it is hard for new customers to identify what makes a brand “high quality” or “trustworthy,” let alone which is the best CBD oil. One of the factors that sets some of the top brands in the industry apart is USDA Organic Certification on their hemp and product lines.  Only a handful of companies have achieved this impressive certification, which is often synonymous with quality and care. An instantly recognizable logo, USDA Organic signifies that a certified hemp brand has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to ensure Organic farming, extraction, and handling processes are in place.  

For instance, American organic hemp farms are prohibited from synthetic pesticide or herbicide use, as well as inorganic fertilizers. As we know, plants do a very good job of soaking up nutrients from the soil, so checking out Certificates of Analysis for the products you purchase is an important step in verifying their safety. Most of the top organic CBD brands out there publish their CoA’s freely online for the public to…

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