Billings Local Launches “Wrong for Montana” Campaign Against Recreational MarijuanaPosted by On

“Wrong for Montana” Campaign Against Recreational Marijuana

Billings car dealer Stephen Zabawa has officially launched a campaign called “Wrong for Montana” to fight against I-190, which pushes for the legalization of the sale and possession of recreational marijuana by adults in Montana, and CI-118, which would set the minimum age to legally purchase and consume marijuana at 21. The ballot action committee draws from a broad base of support, including Smart Approaches to Marijuana Action (SAM Action), the Montana Contractors Association, and the Montana Family Foundation, and the American Academy of Medical Ethics (AAME).

Medical marijuana was first legalized in Montana in 2004 and then revised in 2011 as Senate Bill 423.  SB 423 banned medical marijuana advertisements, limited dispensaries to three users, and required doctors who prescribe marijuana to more than 25 patients per year to undergo a state review. In 2012, an attempt to repeal the bill but was…

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