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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A KRQE News 13 crew did a double-take Tuesday afternoon when they stumbled across a marijuana plant growing at Tingley Beach. The plant was growing right alongside a walkway around one of the ponds.

After News 13 notified the BioPark, staff came right out to remove it. Judging by the shape of the roots, the plant appeared to have been recently transplanted into the ground from a pot.

Officials say something like this can be just as disruptive to the area as littering or picking flowers. “We really encourage our guests to come and recreate here responsibly, certainly not plant their own plants of their choosing,” said Botanic Garden and Heritage Farm Manager Matthew Peterson. “Everybody’s actions definitely contribute to keeping Tingley so beautiful.”

BioPark officials say anyone who sees something like this can notify the city by calling 311.

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