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Rear Packaging for the Black Eyed Katy Terp Pen

Rear Packaging for the Black Eyed Katy Terp Pen

I decided to stock up on cartridges for over the holidays.  It’s much better to vape than to smoke for the lungs sake.  We went to our usual Dispensary Emerald City Wellness just west of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They carry 500mg (for $25) and 1,000mg (for $40) cartridges so we went with two of the 1,000 mg cartridges. Black Eyed Katy and Tahoe Og.  Unfortunately, we had to cut open with scissors the packaging to get the cartridge out.  Definitely child-proof packaging.  I was allowed to carry it out in a paper bag since it’s impossible to open without scissors.

So we will just include Tahoe Og (77% Thc) and Black Eyed Katy (82%Thc) as we are using both cartridges.  I have a cold so I can not tell you much regarding taste, they taste the same to me right now.

The Refinery concentrate company of  Colorado Springs makes these cartridges.  Have to give them a plug, but their website is down.  You can find out more about them on Medical Jane.

I screwed the cartridge onto my deluxe pen which holds a longer battery life.  One puff of this heavy indica Black Eyed Katy Terp Pen and I found myself wheezing from taking too large of a pull on the vape pen.  The taste is the same as other cartridges, but I have a cold so don’t regard my opinion on the taste.  Just a couple of pulls had me stoned for 3 hours.

I recommend, if you are fortunate enough to be able to buy a cartridge like this, to take small pulls at first.  You will see why.  I sincerely believe you will be sold on vape pens as the portable viable alternative to smoking.  There is considerable body high, though I am able to type this relatively easily.  Others will likely want to go to sleep, as the cartridge is very potent.  I feel a slight irritation in the throat after using this product.  I believe it comes from taking too large of a pull, as my medical cannabis doctor says.  Take smaller pulls until you know what you can handle.




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