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Blue Cheese Strain

Blue Cheese strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that can make people feel happy, but not excessively heavily medicated. Blue Cheese provides a balanced high, euphoric, intense and full body relaxation for balanced results.

Its named after its genetic lineage, a cross between the popular Blueberry and the UK-native strain Cheese. Its taste is surprisingly fruity.

Aroma and Appearance

Blue Cheese flower buds are thick and have an incredibly dense. They are covered with a thick layer of trichomes full of terepenes. The closely packed leaves are light to medium green with copper-colored hair (that actually collects pollen pistils) woven around them.

The senses absorb sharp and fruity notes of refined blueberries when its buds are ground. With notes of floral and woody fragrances. The Blueberry ‘s soft, fruity flavor matches the earthy, musky taste of the cheese perfectly.

When lit the smoke is dense and lung-expanding.  Some severe coughing can occur to users who are hit hard. When smokers go through the palate-tickling pungency, the eye-watering taste of the sticky funk. They start to taste the fruity blueberry and fruity flavors.

Blue Cheese Effects

Blue Cheese has a fairly high THC content, which means that physical relaxation is powerful and prolonged. So, if you want to relax and forget the world around you for a long time, this strain is exactly what you need.

The effects of this strain can sneak up on you gradually. Giving you a sense of relaxation and a changing way of thinking, which can surprise smokers, without the initial head-rush associated to many cerebral sativa strains.

Medical Effects

The high THC levels of Blue Cheese are excellent for medical and leisure users. Medical marijuana users can enjoy its durable and long – lasting pain and stress relief effects.

This strain is excellent for rest and relieving tension. It will not give you the couch lock effects or knock you out. The physical effects of Blue Cheese make it a good way to alleviate mild fatigue, fatigue, and help to avoid sleeplessness.

Blue Cheese strain is an excellent option for anxiety disorder, depression and even certain PTSD symptoms. Its simple, concentrated high also benefits people with attention disorder. Blue Cheese can be a good stimulant for increasing one’s appetite.


Blue Cheese is incredibly easy to grow and can produce strong plant with thick buds. Blue Cheese strain grows well in indoor or outdoor environments. When cultivated outdoors, this strain can tolerate cooler temperatures. Growing best in a Mediterranean type climate. When grown indoors try to maintain your temperatures between 65º and 80º F.

Blue Cheese strain generally takes between 60-65 days until it completes its flowering stage. A few weeks after the flowering begins, the soft, fruity cheese scent grows and intensives with the mature plant. At this stage indoor growers need to have a good ventilation system in place. The strong smell can spread to adjacent for those living in apartment buildings.

The height of most plants is approximately 80 to 140 cm. When grown outside, it may grow a little higher and ready at the end of September to harvest.

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