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Blue Cookies Cannabis Strain

Blue Cookies cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain named after its appearance and flavor. Supporters of this flower bud love how it  induces substantial relaxation without creating crippling sedation. They enjoy the long-lasting benefits of this 90 percent indica hybrid.

It is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Blueberry with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Blue Cookies is known for its strong potency, with a THC level of up to 28%. Making it a popular choice among experienced cannabis users.

Flavors and Aroma

Blue Cookies cannabis strain is a complex and delicious strain with appealing berry notes balanced by a harsher dank scent, perfect for those who enjoy a fruity-smelling flower. It smells lovely and fruity and is said to taste like blueberries and citrus. It does seem to cause a brain high first, followed by a relaxing body high.

Blue Cookies has a blueberry flavor that is reminiscent of its forefather buds. If you have sweet cravings, you will appreciate the undertones of cherry and grape that come through on the inhale of its buds. Which are blended with hints of earthy tones that elevate the overall flavor of this bud to the next level.

Medical Marijuana Effects

Blue Cookies took home the Cannabis Cup in the medical hybrid category, thanks to its high THC level of around 28 percent. Making this strain among the most powerful on the market.

Ideal for persistent pain, tremors, and muscle strain. This bud’s physical effects are fast-acting and long-lasting, providing long-term relief! This is a well-rounded high that, when used properly, may provide totally ecstatic emotions of bliss without any lurking fear or paranoia.

Users suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD, and even PTSD have said that the euphoria. Paired with the sharpened attention, helps you relax, clear your thoughts and relieve tension and pressures. It is both focused and motivating while still being calming, making it great for evening use.

This strain should be avoided by novice users because it is highly powerful. When ingested incorrectly, anxiety and paranoia have been reported as negative side effects.

Appearance and Grow Info

This is not an easy grow strain and beginner growers should avoid it. Blue Cookies is a strain that experienced gardeners will appreciate, but it demands a certain level of know-how to acquire the best results.

The dense flowers of this strain have a dark bluish color and a thick covering of resinous crystalline on the surface, as the name suggests. With overtones of orange, earth, and candy, the flavor is sweet and smooth.

Blue Cookies strain requires its leaves pruned down to let light and air to reach the bottom areas of the plant.

This plant requires a climate, with optimal temperatures of 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit and some humidity when grown outside.

Blue Cookies can also be grown indoors with relative ease. Because essentially a small sized plant that can readily acclimate in a tiny environment.

As the plant matures it will require extra support throughout the flowering stages to keep the heavy blossoms from tipping the plant over.



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