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blue god strain packaging

blue god indica strain

blue god indica strain

Blue God Indica Strain is the latest purchase I made at Emerald City Wellness of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We received 14.2 grams, which was part of an ounce we got for $80.00.  This variety is a good candidate for my pain relief.  I am having knee surgery next month and need some strong medicine to keep me going until the surgery.  This is the strain based on the shatter we previously wrote about, made by Dabble Extracts.

According to, “Blue God, bred by Jordan of the Islands in Canada, is a powerful indica mothered by God Bud and Blueberry. Fulfilling all of our indica expectations, Blue God produces crushing full-body effects ideal for nighttime treatment of pain and sleep disorders. With age, Blue God develops a sweet berry aroma and deep purple leaves freckled in frosty resin. Flavors consist of cheesy, earthy, spicy and herbal. Blue God makes patients feel Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, and Sleepy. Blue God helps patients relieve Depression, Headaches, Insomnia, Pain, and Stress also Used to help with ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, and HIV/AIDS.” Reference:

We noted that the potency is listed on the package at 23.08% Thc and 0.3% Cbd.  It was also noted that the buds are all medium to large sized nuggets, and that the weed was extremely fresh to grind in the grinder.  We ground up two medium sized nuggets and loaded a fresh, clean pipe.

The ground up weed is very fragrant, reminding me of a sort of citrus smell.  It does have a unique odor (to me).  It has a great taste when smoked, and I did cough on too big of a hit in my eagerness to try it.  The effects were felt very quickly, as a wave of pain relief and a full body high.  We did not need much of this strain to achieve bliss.

Next we loaded the PAX-2 vaporizer with a tightly-packed chamber.  After waiting to heat up, the vaporizer is ready when the lights turn to green from pink.  The first draw was very pleasant tasting, with a minty sort of taste.   Using the vape quickly taxed my lungs with a fit of coughing, which resulted in a phenomenal head and body high.  Definitely vaping this strain is the way to go.  The high lasts 2-3 hours.  And it was good for the appetite as it produced the desired “munchies” effect.

I am glad that the budtender recommended this strain, and with 14.2 grams of it we should do well for the coming weeks up to the knee replacement surgery.

Next time we’ll tell you about our experience with Tahoe OG Indica strain, with a Thc of 31% and Cbd of 2%.  Watch for it.

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